SIP trunk offer better value on a per-channel basis and greater flexibility.

SIP trunks can be installed quickly and easily.

SIP trunking enables your calls to be re-routed to another location quickly and easily.

SIP trunking lets you configure your system to suit your needs.

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SIP Trunks
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Affordable IP telephony solutions

SIP trunks for IP telephone systems

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is a telephony method that enables your business to make and receive calls over the internet. SIP trunks carry all forms of media, including data, video and voice (VoIP). SIP trunking is especially useful for companies with multiple branches or remote workers that rely on multimedia communications and provides a highly flexible alternative to ISDN. Compared to ISDN, IP telephone systems running on a SIP trunk offer better value on a per-channel basis and greater flexibility in terms of your telephone numbers and their geographical locations.

IP telephones are also quicker to install and offer a robust continuity of service that ensures your business never loses any calls. As well-established SIP trunking providers, we can support connections ranging from two channels for businesses with small IP telephone systems to zero limits on the number of channels for larger enterprises and call centres. IP telephone lines enable full PSTN breakout on the public telephone network. Connection from your business premises to our networks is via an Internet Protocol (IP) connection, such as a Leased Line or EFM Circuit, and is delivered as an end-to-end service.

Flexible and affordable

IP telephone systems running on a SIP trunk offer better value on a per-channel basis and greater flexibility than ISDN lines.

Quick Installation

With no need to fit dedicated lines, SIP trunks can be installed quickly and easily. Get straight to business with minimal downtime.

Unbroken service

Should your telephony system go down, SIP trunking enables your calls to be re-routed to another location quickly and easily.

Bespoke configurability

Whether you need a handful or unlimited IP telephone channels, SIP trunking lets you configure your system to suit your needs.

SIP Trunking

SIP trunking lets businesses of all shapes and sizes take advantage of internet telephony. The benefits of which include cheaper calls, unlimited scalability, and greater control over your telephone numbers. Because you are not tied to a local exchange, you can simply take your numbers with you as and when you move premises.

SIP trunking lets businesses manage all their telephone calls over a single data connection. Generally speaking, this means that call costs are considerably cheaper. Plus, you can use your existing handsets and phone system. Furthermore, SIP trunks give you access to multiple phone numbers without the need to install several phone lines. For a growing business, SIP trunking offers the dual advantages of unlimited scalability and the opportunity to take your phone numbers with you should you move premises.

SIP trunks act as a virtual connection between your business and an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP), either through lines linking your SIP trunks to other IP traffic or through the internet via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). In other words, SIP trunks let you make and receive calls over the internet. For small businesses in particular, they provide a more cost-effective, robust and flexible telephony system than traditional landlines and soon-to-be phased out ISDN lines.

SIP trunking enables you to cut ties with your phone company and eliminates any need for the usual hardware, wiring and circuit boxes required to connect to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). A SIP trunk is installed over your internet connection, replacing traditional analogue phone lines and reducing multiple phone lines into a single data connection. This presents significant cost savings in terms of call charges and maintenance fees, as well as opening the door to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony.

Essentially, VoIP depends on the SIP protocol to initiate, maintain, and terminate multimedia communications. The return on investment for installing a SIP trunk is a significantly cheaper cost per call compared to traditional PSTN providers and hosted VoIP services. For larger organisations that generate high call volumes and frequently make international calls, SIP trunking is an especially cost-effective solution.

That’s a great question. As ever, it largely depends on the size of your business and how many calls you handle. Obviously, the higher your call volume the more SIP trunks you will need. But that needs breaking down further. Because, as well as working out your average call volume, it is also important to calculate your peak simultaneous call volume. In other words, the highest number of calls you take at the same time. This gives you a baseline figure for how many SIP trunks your business will need.

Of course, every business will experience a spike in calls at some stage. Which is why it is good practice to add in extra capacity to cope with any unforeseen peaks in call volume. The beauty of SIP trunking is that as your workforce grows, your telephony demands grow with it. More bandwidth and additional SIP trunks can be quickly and easily added. Lake Technologies will handle all of these considerations for you, working closely with you to develop a cost-effective and scalable plan to keep your IP telephone systems agile and effective.

Lake Technologies takes a holistic approach to our SIP trunking services, providing a full turnkey solution that takes care of everything. We will undertake a full consultation with you to assess your business needs and current call volumes to develop a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA). As part of our end-to-end service, we can set up your IP connection via a leased line or EFM circuit, for example, ensuring you have all the bandwidth you need and we can even supply your handsets.

Our experts here at Lake Technologies also provide rapid and responsive support should you require technical assistance or an expansion of your capacity. We provide local support for local businesses right across the North West and beyond. Our highly qualified engineers combine incredible technical skills with a down-to-earth approach that makes it a pleasure to do business with us. We’re passionate about delivering the best possible service – in every sense! Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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