Provide your customers with a responsive service.

Control all your customer engagement channels.

Ensure the correct media is sent to the most relevant member of your team.

Multimedia contact centres give you a true reflection of productivity.

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Omnichannel contact centre solutions

Enhance your customer service

At Lake Technologies, we appreciate the importance of offering your customers a responsive service, regardless of whether they contact you by telephone, live chat, email, SMS or social media. These forms of communication have become widely accepted channels for customer engagement. But, the more strings you add to your bow, the more difficult it becomes to manage your service levels across each platform. Now, you can provide a five-star customer experience with ease, thanks to Cloud-based omnichannel contact centre solutions.

Lake Technologies offers an extensive range of multimedia contact centres, which integrate all your customer communications through a single engine to ensure the correct media is sent to the most relevant member of staff at the right time. Without this type of platform, it is virtually impossible to understand which media your employees have been dealing with. That makes it extremely difficult to manage service levels across your business. Our multimedia solutions optimise your customer service, whilst keeping your workforce productive and motivated.

Responsive Service

Provide your customers with a responsive service, regardless of whether they contact you by telephone, live chat, email, SMS or social media.

Skills-Based Routing

Ensure the correct media is sent to the most relevant member of your team at the right time for a five-star customer service experience.

Intuitive Dashboard

Control all your customer engagement channels from a single intuitive dashboard for the ultimate in efficiency and convenience.

Streamline Workloads

Multimedia contact centres give you a true reflection of productivity and make employee workloads more streamlined and manageable.

What are my options

Lake Technologies offers full turnkey solutions for business phones and networks. From business phone systems, broadband, line rental, low-cost calls, mobile and Voice over IP (VoIP) – we always deliver the best service. To find out more and discuss your requirements, simply enter your details below to arrange a free consultation call.

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In this day and age, it is increasingly important to adopt as many methods of communication with your customer base as possible. Managing a vast array of channels requires effective multimedia contact centres that can streamline the whole process, bringing all your media under one convenient and intuitive dashboard.

Multimedia contact centres, or omnichannel contact centres, enable your business to respond to customers in whatever form of communication they prefer. That could be anything from email to live chats, VoIP, voice mail or phone calls. Multimedia contact centres help you to work smarter, rather than harder to provide the best possible customer service experience. Modern day customers demand a rapid response, which makes it imperative to monitor your customer engagement channels at all times.

If you require a more immediate and streamlined way of managing your customer relationship management (CRM) activities, Lake Technologies works with you to select an effective omnichannel contact centre solution that improves your productivity and customer relations. Whatever the size, challenges or budget of your business, we have an array of omnichannel contact centre software options. Our onshore team, based in Ormskirk, Lancashire, will assess your requirements and recommend the most appropriate solution for you.

Hopefully, you already receive detailed reporting on your telephony system, with skills-based routing that ensures the delivery of calls to the people best placed to deal with them at that time. But what if they are already dealing with another form of communication, such as a live chat? Unfortunately, this can often tend to result in a lack of focus on either form of communication, which inevitably results in dissatisfied customers.

It might be that, for certain members of staff, you notice gaps in your telephone provider’s reports that suggest a drop-off in productivity. When, in actual fact, they have been answering customer queries across other channels. With our omnichannel contact centre solutions, your dashboard gives an accurate account of all your customer engagement activities. Enabling you to manage service levels and staff morale effectively.

That all depends on the volume of customer queries your business handles and how much you value high-quality customer service. If you are dealing with a large number of customer correspondences across multiple channels, would like greater control and visibility of those interactions, and wish to provide a more seamless and responsive service, then a multimedia contact centre might be just what you need. We have a number of options that support more effective agent and self-service interactions.

An omnichannel contact centre can bring countless benefits to your business, including advanced call routing, intuitive self-service functionality, call recording, quality monitoring and real-time reporting. Not only do our omnichannel contact centre solutions elevate your customer relations, but they also streamline your processes – making employee workloads less congested, more manageable and vastly more productive. Omnichannel contact centre software from Lake Technologies is your surest route to satisfied customers and personnel.

Lake Technologies is your local provider of first-class omnichannel contact centre solutions. With more than 26 years of industry experience, we understand the importance of communicating with customers effectively. We provide local support for local businesses right across the North West and beyond. Our professional and approachable experts will work closely with you to install a multimedia contact centre solution that takes your CRM to the next level.

If you need an omnichannel contact centre that simplifies and streamlines your CRM activities, our technical advisers here at Lake Technologies have the knowledge and expertise to provide a seamless solution. Excellent customer relations is something we are truly passionate about too. We practice what we preach, striving to deliver the finest customer service at all times. Speak to one of our experts today to find out more about our omnichannel contact centre solutions and to arrange a consultation.