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Our business telephone systems are sourced from Avaya, Samsung and NEC.

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Streamline your communications

Work smarter with phone system integrations

The trend in phone systems is increasingly moving towards phone system integrations with in-house computer programmes. These can range from integrating your phones with your accounts package to phone system integration with CRM (customer relationship management) programmes to provide a more seamless customer service experience. Integration can also be applied to email and outlook plug-ins, providing a wide range of useful information to make your phone system more functional. Other great features include click-to-dial for dialling directly from a desktop and screen popping that enables client records to be “popped” on-screen during inbound calls.

Phone system integration gives you next-level performance and efficiency gains. The range of high-performance solutions are as varied as they are useful, and can be as basic or as complex as you need. For instance, amongst the various phone system integration tools available, we can offer call analytics, screen-popping, click-to-dial, contact centre, visual voicemail computer-telephony, call recording, speech recognition, google search on incoming numbers and mobile integration. The options don’t end there either. If you need a specific phone system integration, we can work with you to develop a bespoke solution that ticks all the boxes.

Bespoke Integrations

We can work with you to develop bespoke phone system integration solutions that meet your business objectives and budget aspirations.

Enhanced customer service

Ensure you customer service standards are maintained at all times with intelligent integrations, like screen popping.

Boost Productivity

Phone system integrations like click-to-dial and mobile integration help you to deliver a dramatic boost in productivity levels.

Efficient Communications

Phone system integrations can make your communications more joined up, saving you time, money and effort in the process.

What are my options

Lake Technologies offers full turnkey solutions for business phones and networks. From business phone systems, broadband, line rental, low-cost calls, mobile and Voice over IP (VoIP) – we always deliver the best service. To find out more and discuss your requirements, simply enter your details below to arrange a free consultation call.

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Phone system integrations can streamline your communications and make your business more agile. Whether you are looking to boost productivity or enhance your customer service experience, there are a wide range of innovative phone system integrations that we can supply to make your business run more smoothly.

Phone system integrations expand the potential of your assorted communications platforms. Designed to make your communications more efficient, our phone system integration solutions can provide the added impetus you need to reach your goals and overcome persistent challenges. We can also deliver phone system CRM integrations that enable you to harness the full capabilities of your customer relationship management software through your phone system.

Here at Lake Technologies, our highly skilled technical advisers will discuss your business requirements with you and develop a range of phone system integration tools that will help you to achieve your targets. We work with a variety of different businesses, both large and small, to develop integration solutions that not only enhance their communications, but increase their call-handling abilities, productivity and cost savings.

At Lake Technologies, we offer an extensive selection of phone system integration solutions. These vary from basic tools through to complicated systems, depending on your specific requirements. Among the most popular integrations we offer are: call analytics, call recording, speech recognition, screen popping, click-to-dial, computer-telephony integration, contact centre, google search on incoming numbers, mobile integration and visual voicemail.

However, these are just some of the many phone system integrations that we have to offer. We have a wide range of integrations to help your business achieve newfound levels of productivity. Our expert consultants here at Lake Technologies can work with you and your team to develop custom integration solutions that enable you to overcome your most pressing telephony challenges and hit your targets with ease.

If your business experiences a high volume of inbound and outbound calls, and your current phone systems merely perform the bare minimum of functions, then our phone system integrations offer the ideal solution. They allow you to upgrade your phone systems to a point where all your communications flow seamlessly. If you would like to unlock the limitless potential of phone system integrations, Lake Technologies has bespoke solutions that are sure to revolutionise your call handling processes.

At Lake Technologies, we don’t believe in providing off-the-shelf integration solutions. Your business is unique and for that reason deserves phone system integration solutions that will meet your individual goals and expectations. To ensure you receive the most applicable integrations for your needs, we highly recommend speaking to one of our qualified consultants. They will collaborate with you to devise and install the best integrations for your business.

Lake Technologies is a market leading provider of phone system integrations. We have been providing first-class integration solutions to customers right across the North West and beyond for more than 26 years. During that time, we have provided countless integration ideas that have completely transformed how some businesses operate. Our technical experts will discuss your requirements with you and provide you with world-class integrations that make your day-to-day operations run like clockwork.

Whichever type of phone system integration you need, Lake Technologies has the ideal solution for you. We have a suite of packages that are designed to deliver high levels of performance, productivity and affordability. Integrity and a first-rate service are at the core of everything we do here at Lake Technologies. We guarantee you will be pleased with the results when you invest in our integration solutions. Speak to one of our experts about our phone system integrations today and arrange your consultation.