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Expert telecom management consultants

Total telecom consultancy services

Our total telecoms consultancy services here at Lake Technologies are based on gaining a full understanding of your business requirements to gauge not only your technical requirements, but also your business and culturally-specific needs. All of which is then developed into a formal strategy. Once we have this understanding, we use our unrivalled industry knowledge and experience to recommend solutions that are designed to meet your exact specifications. From thereon in, you can expect to achieve rapid and significant business improvements.

Our telecom consultancy services have been employed across a broad cross-section of businesses, both large and small, right across the UK. Regardless of whether you come to us with a recognised brand or a fledgling start-up, you can expect the same high standards of technical expertise, project management and collaborative methodologies when you partner with us. We take pride in offering world-class telecom engineering consultancy services that that enable you to accomplish your business goals.

Maximum Productivity

We undertake a thorough cost benefit analysis to provide you with data-driven insights for upgrading and streamlining your communication systems.

Cost Savings

We undertake a thorough cost benefit analysis to provide you with data-driven insights for upgrading and streamlining your communication systems.

Technical Support

Our telecoms consultancy service includes building in capacity to provide rapid and responsive technical support to keep your systems running efficiently.

Single Supplier

Simplify your supply chain with one supplier, one bill, and a single point of contact. We can service all your telecoms needs under one roof.

What are my options

Lake Technologies offers full turnkey solutions for business phones and networks. From business phone systems, broadband, line rental, low-cost calls, mobile and Voice over IP (VoIP) – we always deliver the best service. To find out more and discuss your requirements, simply enter your details below to arrange a free consultation call.

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Telecoms Consultancy

Procuring the telecoms requirements of your business can be a complicated and daunting task. Which is where working with a telecom management consultant, like Lake Technologies, can make life easier. We work closely with you to assess your needs, design and install appropriate solutions, and provide ongoing expert support.

Do you know your PBX from your PSTN? Or your SIP trunks from your VoIP? The IT and telecoms industry is full of jargon and complicated technical concepts. Telecoms consultancy bridges the gap between your business objectives and sourcing the right voice and data solutions to help you to achieve your goals. Telecoms consultancy is the process of developing a holistic strategy that encompasses all your broadband, telephony and network requirements to develop a turnkey solution that enables your business to thrive.

Whatever your ambitions and challenges, your telecom management consultant will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive telecoms package that perfectly matches your specifications. Whether you require super-fast broadband, a complete business telephone system, or both, Lake Technologies has the expertise and experience to design a solution to suit you. Our onshore team, based in Ormskirk, Lancashire, will assess your requirements and then install, maintain and support your telecom systems.

Telecom network consultants help organisations like yours to design, integrate and upgrade cost-effective telecommunication systems. Telecom is a broad term that essentially describes the point-to-point exchange of information through voice, data, and video. Telecoms consultants have the technical and market intelligence required to determine exactly what services your company needs and what hardware and software will be needed to best deliver those services.

Here at Lake Technologies, our role as telecom network consultants is to evaluate your current systems, make cost-saving recommendations, and then apply our deep understanding of the newest available technologies and techniques to execute a total telecoms solution. We pride ourselves on meticulous planning and smooth project management, as well as our unrivalled technical assistance, customer service and support. Stay connected with Lake Technologies as your telecoms consultancy firm of choice.

It is virtually impossible to answer this question without first meeting you to discuss your current telecoms provisions, usage, challenges and aspirations. That is, after all, the aim of telecoms consultancy. At Lake Technologies, we take time to listen to your pain points, your growth ambitions, and your non-negotiables to formulate a strategy that ticks all the boxes. Our job as telecom management consultants is to interpret what you tell us and implement effective, efficient and affordable telecoms solutions.

Your personnel will undertake any number of IT and telecoms processes over the course of a normal working day. Emails, video conferencing, file transfers, VoIP calls, data storage on the Cloud – all of these activities require the correct software and hardware to operate effectively. All of which requires expert planning and execution, which is where we come in. As well as designing, installing and maintaining your telecoms infrastructure, Lake Technologies will secure the most cost-effective tariffs and rental agreements for you.

Lake Technologies is your local telecoms consultancy firm with the knowledge and experience to plan, install, and manage all your IT and telecoms requirements. We provide local telecoms support for local businesses right across the North West and beyond. Our professional and courteous consultants will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive solution that satisfies both your business and budget targets.

If you are planning to undertake a complete overhaul of your IT and telecoms provisions, our expert advisers here at Lake Technologies will be only too happy to discuss your requirements. Incredible customer service is the key to our success. We strive to build lasting relationships built on trust, confidence and honesty. Speak to one of our experts today to find out more about our telecom consultancy services and to arrange a consultation.