Save time, money and effort with a suite of telephony applications.

Give your customers the ultimate experience.

We can work with you to develop custom telephony applications.

We can work with you to develop custom telephony applications.

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Increase efficiency with telephony applications

Telephony applications are an important focus for any business looking to keep up to date in the modern world. As with mobile applications, which are increasingly prevalent, they can be complex or simple, free of charge or expensive. They tend to be limited only by the imagination of those looking to provide or develop them. Many new telephone systems now include a host of applications. These might include voicemail-to-email, click-to-dial from your PC and screen popping caller recognition, managed directly from your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database to your computer screen whenever you receive an incoming call. However, there are many more custom telephony applications that can benefit your business too.

The options for telephony applications can be as simple as those outlined above, right up to your desired level of complexity. Typical offerings include: call recording, call analytics, contact centre, computer-telephony integration, screen-popping, click-to-dial, google search on incoming numbers, mobile integration, visual voicemail and speech recognition. Beyond that, there are almost limitless possibilities available. So if you are interested in any of the aforementioned telephony applications, or if you have something in mind which isn’t listed, then one of our consultants will be happy to discuss your ideas and requirements with you.

Streamlined Communications

Save time, money and effort with a suite of telephony applications that make your communications more efficient.

Improve Productivity

Take your productivity to the next level with time-saving telephony applications like click-to-dial and mobile integration.

Boost Customer Relations

Give your customers the ultimate experience with enhanced features like screen popping caller recognition and speech recognition.

Custom Telephony Applications

We can work with you to develop custom telephony applications that meet your specific needs and challenges.

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Lake Technologies offers full turnkey solutions for business phones and networks. From business phone systems, broadband, line rental, low-cost calls, mobile and Voice over IP (VoIP) – we always deliver the best service. To find out more and discuss your requirements, simply enter your details below to arrange a free consultation call.

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Much like mobile applications, telephony applications are designed to make your life easier. They offer additional functionality that make your communications more efficient, intuitive and responsive. There really is no limit to the number of time-saving telephony applications now available to modern day businesses.

Telephony applications are designed to enhance the capabilities of your various communications platforms, providing a more efficient and seamless experience. There are countless applications available that perform different functions, depending on your specific requirements. Telephony applications integrate with your customer relations management (CRM) system to deliver the ultimate communications solution.

Here at Lake Technologies, our experienced technical advisers will listen to your business requirements and devise a suite of telephony applications that will best meet your goals. We work with a wide range of businesses, large and small, to develop solutions that not only streamline your communications, but also boost your productivity, increase your call-handling capabilities and provide a genuine return on investment.

There is a wide range of telephony applications available in the current market. These vary from basic applications through to complex systems, depending on what you need. Some of the most popular types of applications include: call analytics, call recording, speech recognition, screen popping, click-to-dial, computer-telephony integration, contact centre, google search on incoming numbers, mobile integration and visual voicemail.

These are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to telephony applications. There is virtually no limit to the scope and scale of advanced telephony applications available to your business. In fact, Lake Technologies provides custom telephony applications that are developed in collaboration with you to deliver a highly targeted and bespoke solution to your most pressing telephony challenges and targets.

If your business generates or receives a high number of calls, and your current phone systems offer limited functionality, then telephony applications could be for you. They allow you to unlock extra functions that can seriously streamline the way you make, receive and monitor your customer interactions. If you would like to tap into the potential of telephony applications to boost your productivity and efficiency, Lake Technologies has the perfect solution for your individual requirements.

At Lake Technologies, we don’t believe in providing off-the-shelf telephony applications. Your business is completely unique and requires telephony applications that are designed to meet your objectives. To ensure you receive the most suitable telephony applications for your exact requirements, we recommend speaking to one of our technical advisers. They will listen to your telephony challenges and ambitions to develop custom telephony applications to suit your goals and budget.

Look no further than Lake Technologies for all your advanced telephony applications needs. With more than 26 years of industry experience, we have provided countless telephony applications to businesses right across the North West and beyond. Our professional and approachable experts will assess your needs to provide telephony applications that take all the hassle out of your call-handling activities.

Whether you need video telephony applications, internet telephony applications, wireless telephony applications, or cloud telephony applications, Lake Technologies has the perfect solution for you. Exceptional customer service is at the heart of everything we do at Lake Technologies; we are here to serve you the best way we can. Speak to one of our experts about our telephony applications today and arrange your consultation.